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Written by on 12th March 2024

Helpu, the leading men’s mental health hub for Wales, has partnered UK Men’s Sheds Association and Pontypridd Men’s Shed to produce a compelling campaign film which promotes the benefits of Social Prescribing Day which is observed annually on March 14th.
Social Prescribing Day aims to raise awareness about the benefits of social prescribing in healthcare, highlighting its potential to improve individuals’ mental health and wellbeing by connecting them with community-based activities and support networks.
The film features Pontypridd Men’s Shed members, who are untrained actors and who have recently experienced personal bereavement and found solace and support within the community of Pontypridd Men’s Sheds.
Ian Smith, Director of Helpu, said:
“It’s truly remarkable to see organisations like Mens Sheds Cymru, UKMSA and Pontypridd Men’s Shed coming together with Helpu to amplify the message of social prescribing.
“Collaborating on this campaign film, especially filming on location in Pontypridd with members of Men’s Sheds, underscores the power of community in supporting men’s mental health.”
Robert Visintainer, Men’s Sheds Cymru Development Officer, said:
“Our collaboration with Helpu exemplifies the collective effort needed to address the mental health needs of men across Wales.
“Together, we are breaking down barriers and promoting holistic approaches to wellbeing.”
The campaign film, capturing the essence of community support and resilience, will be showcased in the UK Parliament in London, further amplifying the message of social prescribing and the importance of addressing men’s mental health.
Watch the campaign film below, ahead of its launch on 14th March 10am.

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