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Presenter of "Sunday Sunrise" 7-8am every Sunday. Also, Monday afternoons 1-4

Presenter: Community link and Sunday Breakfast

Station Manager / News / Presenter

Presenter / Deputy Station Manager

Daytime Presenter / Chairman

Daytime Presenter

Presenter - Saturday Breakfast

Daytime Presenter

Presenter - Afternoon Delight

Daytime Presenter

Tim presents ‘The Red Thread’   The show is called ‘The Red Thread’ because every song somehow connects to the next. Any possible way it can be connected he will use- artist, title, however, he can.    Some of the links are very sensible, some are very tenuous, and some are insane. Whatever you expect […]

Andy Fox is one the most experienced and respected members of the GTFM team, having been involved in radio since the early eighties. He cut his broadcasting teeth under the guidance of the legendary Johnnie Walker and worked with the likes of Bob Harris, Dave Cash and even sports reporter Jonathan Pearce! His encyclopaedic knowledge […]


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