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If you are new to the idea of radio advertising and sponsorship, here are some good reasons to include GTFM in your media mix…

GTFM offers exceptional value to local advertisers targeting local customers because, according to independent research it attracts more local listeners than any of the regional commercial station, which charge more to also reach their listeners in Cardiff, Newport and elsewhere in South Wales … even though they may not be relevant to your business.

… And GTFM is estimated to have weekly audience numbers more than twice those of the combined circulations of the Pontypridd & Llantrisant Observer and Rhondda Leader weekly newspaper titles.

GTFM is the only FM local radio station with studios in the Pontypridd area and is fully dedicated to serving RCT County Borough. It’s a friendly and trusted radio ‘voice’ which which has been keeping local people informed about life and issues in their neighbourhoods since 2002.

‘Using the superb rates for advertising on GTFM has really supported the growth of the business this year. They were able to put together a professional advert and play at the keys times we needed. I will certainly use them again’

Rob Davies, Kip McGrath Education Centre Pontypridd

It also plays the broadest range of music of any single non-BBC station on the radio dial. 

Also, as a local business (and registered charity) itself, GTFM fully understands the trading challenges in the RCT area, so when we say we support local business, we really mean it because we actually do!

… And we don’t charge VAT, so what we quote is exactly what you’ll pay!

“Thank you for your help, advice and support with advertising for the Rhondda Walk.
I believe as does my Walks Manager that the constant Radio adverts made a real difference to the registration numbers for the walk, helping us break through the 400 mark”

Debbie, Macmillan Cancer Support

So why not join the ever growing number of businesses to benefit from the power of cost effective radio advertising on GTFM as part of your marketing mix?

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More about Radio…

An estimated forty million people in the UK listen to the radio for up to seven hours a day.

The radio wakes them up in the morning, they listen while making and eating their breakfast, in the car travelling to work, while at work, at lunchtime, when travelling home, during their leisure time and of an evening in bed. To many listeners radio is a companion with favourite stations and presenters regarded as friends.

As an advertising medium, radio is very powerful because people choose to listen and you talk directly to them as individuals in their own personal space. So if you are considering adding advertising on radio to your sales and marketing activities you are not the only one! More and more companies are turning to radio advertising to reach its captive audience very cost effectively. Radio advertising campaigns can be produced to fit any company’s advertising budget and tailored to reach just the right audience.

Radio advertising is very much cheaper than TV and when used correctly can cut through the clutter to send a clear message to your target audience. If the right creative treatment is adopted there is no need to spend a fortune generating visual images because the human mind can conjure up even better, more powerful, ones all on its own – if stimulated to do so. Put simply, the ‘pictures’ on radio are both better and cheaper because its ‘theatre of the mind’. The results you will get from your radio advertising campaign will depend on a number of factors. Creating an appealing commercial, sending a clear message, incorporating a specific “call to action” and booking the right time slots. Other factors include hitting the right ‘note’, for example by choosing a humorous or serious tone, or including background music, special effects and dialogue to create a positive image in the listener’s mind.

GTFM’s creative team understands the medium of radio advertising, so your success is not left to chance. We understand how your advertisement needs to be motivational, evocative and inspiring, engaging the listener from the beginning.   Getting the balance right in an advertisement is also important. Make it too funny and people will remember the joke and not your product or service; too irritating and people will switch off mentally.

Radio advertising needs to be engaging so that people identify with what is being said and most importantly remember the message, the product, the website address and/or telephone number.

Apart from the economics of radio advertising, there are other major benefits.  Because radio can connect with people while they are busy doing something else, advertising messages are almost subliminal. This is one of the medium’s major advantages over television which demands more attention. You can listen to the radio while driving, working, or surfing the Internet. So radio advertising can influence us all, whether we realise it or not. At one time or another therefore, it is likely that almost everyone has bought products or services, consciously or subconsciously, as a result of hearing an advertisement on the radio.

Of course, radio advertising can also be used in a complementary way to a television or newspaper campaign, but it should never be considered a poor relation. This is because although the audience may be concentrating on other things while listening, the subconscious mind is a powerful tool which is always ‘on duty’ and radio advertising exploits our ability to absorb information all the time to the fullest extent.

In the current economic climate, there’s really never been a better time to advertise your business and stand out from the crowd – and with our permanently low ad rates, this is your chance to get your business noticed!

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