Local legend from Abercwmboi named Cynon Valley Champion!

Written by on 14th August 2023

A local community in Abercwmboi has been named a Cynon Valley Champion by Member of Parliament Beth Winter. 

Angela Evans was awarded the prize at her workplace Abercwmboi social club earlier today, having been nominated by members of the local community for her work fundraising and delivering meals to local residents. 

Throughout the winter, Angela made hot meals from scratch in her kitchen and delivered them to older people in Abercwmboi. Often her calling by with a hot meal was the only social interaction people had, helping to fight social isolation and loneliness in the village.  

 She has also fundraised for various causes over the years, and distributes festive food to those in need in the village over the Christmas period, in collaboration with Sheppards Pharmacy. 

Local Councillor Tina Williams said,

‘I have known Angela for many years but the last few years we have worked closely together, as Angela was determined to install two defibrillators on the main stretch of Abercwmboi. She helped raise the funds to achieve this in only a few short months.’ 

 The Cynon Valley Champions award was introduced by Cynon Valley MP Winter to recognise Cynon Valley residents who go above and beyond to improve lives and make a real difference in their communities. 

Speaking about the award, Winter said,

‘People like Angela play a vital role in our communities.’ 

 ‘The Cynon Champions awards are for people who always put their local communities before themselves. Angela is case in point, and she is well known and respected throughout the community by people of all ages as a result.’ 

 ‘Having studied loneliness and social isolation for my pHd, I know the impact they can play. Calling by with a hot meal and a chat once a week can make such an immeasurable difference to older people. Huge credit to Angela for all her work in the community, it doesn’t go unnoticed.’ 

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