Listening to parents about neonatal services in Cwm Taf Morgannwg

Written by on 7th July 2021

During July 2021, the Independent Maternity Services Oversight Panel (IMSOP) is conducting a survey to understand the experiences of women and families using maternity and neonatal services in the Cwm Taf Morgannwg area.

This is part of the continual improvement work that we are supporting the Health Board with.

We are now focusing in more depth on the Health Board’s neonatal services (specialist baby care), and we particularly want to hear from families who have experience of this service.

We hope to hear from a number of people to understand the different experiences of women, partners and wider family members about the care given by neonatal services. This will help the Health Board to continually improve the services they provide.

The survey asks for feedback about:

  • Aspects of your baby’s care that worked well;
  • Aspects of your baby’s care that could be improved;
  • The family experience of receiving information, being involved in decisions and the time staff were able to give;
  • The amount of emotional and practical support given to families;
  • The neonatal environment and facilities; and
  • The support and arrangements for going home.

It may be that some families have had a poor experience and we appreciate that telling us about this may be difficult. In these instances, the feedback is even more critical to helping us support the Health Board make any necessary improvements.

The survey will be hosted on the Health Board’s website but is completely independent of them and all of the information will be returned to IMSOP only. Everything we are told will be completely confidential.

The survey is available here but if you would prefer a printed copy, please contact:

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