Wales Millennium Centre launch immersive and extended reality arts venue

Written by on 1st August 2022

Immersive digital experiences will soon have a new home in Wales’ national arts centre, as Wales Millennium Centre launches a full season of extended reality arts in a purpose-built space.

The first space of its kind in a Welsh arts centre, Bocs (Welsh for ‘box’) will present a programme of 360° films and projections as well as extended reality (XR) experiences – including augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality.

Bocs will open on 27 August with the return of Ripples of Kindness, a Wales Millennium Centre and All Seeing Eye Production which has received international recognition. Designed to accompany the stage play The Boy With Two Hearts, the communal VR experience tells the story of the Amiri family who fled from Afghanistan to Cardiff

The inaugural Bocs Autumn season will also include the award-winning GOLIATH: Playing with Reality, exploring schizophrenia, gaming and connection, and narrated by actress Tilda Swinton; LGBTQ+ VR Museum, the world’s first virtual reality museum dedicated to preserving queer personal histories; and A Signal Across Space, the first ever bilingual Welsh/English 360° virtual reality experience that follows the story of the first ever wireless signals sent over open water in south Wales.

Alongside the programme, a series of talks and workshops will be hosted in a new XR studio, providing opportunities for artists, educators and young creators to gain hands-on experience and explore ways to make an impact through immersive media.

David Massey, Senior Producer (Digital Experiences) at Wales Millennium Centre, said:

“Immersive experiences are a great way to bring audiences together, challenge ideas and transport you to new worlds.

“Bocs will showcase and celebrate the best of immersive storytelling in Wales and across the world, intersecting technology, visual art, theatre and music.

“We hope Bocs will inspire new audiences and intrigue the next generation of story makers, introducing more people to the immense possibilities of this exciting medium.”

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