Peter Kay’s Car Share Returns With A Special Audio Only Episode

Written by on 8th April 2020

Writing on Facebook, Peter Kay said: “It’s a horrific situation right now we’re all going through and like so many I felt compelled to try and do something positive in an effort to cheer people in some way.

Sian Gibson, Paul Coleman and myself got together via t’internet and wrote a new short episode in an effort to try cheer people up.

It’s all happened very quickly, in fact it didn’t exist a week ago.

Obviously we weren’t able to film anything because of the lock down but I hope people will use their imagination and enjoy listening.

I’ve given the episode to the good people at BBC iPlayer and it’ll be available to listen from Good Friday 10th April

Here’s hoping people enjoying having John & Kayleigh back. Lord knows we need it right now.”


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