Written by on 18th August 2021

Newport’s own, Goldie Lookin’ Chain, have released their latest track, designed to encourage people to get their COVID vaccine.

The new single Get The Jab Done, which includes cultural references such as ‘I’ve got 99 problems but a jab ain’t one,’ continues their recognisable satirical look at life and follows last year’s releases of Covidiot and The Self Isolation Rap.

After all members of the band had been vaccinated by the NHS, they decided to record the humorous track to show others that getting the life-saving jab is easy and safe.

Over two million adults are now fully vaccinated in Wales and those that have not yet been vaccinated are being publicly asked to come forward to receive their vaccination without needing an appointment.

The idea for the track originated from the band’s desire to go back on tour later this year and perform in front of a live audience once more.

Talking about the release, Rhys from GLC, said: “We are all well excited to be getting back on stage and into the studio now that everyone is getting the vax. We should all be able to get back to work safely now. 

“The GLC have always said “safety in numbers”, it’s about everyone getting together for the collective good. Getting the jab not only protects you, but others as well. We have to work together and it’s so easy. We thought we would add to the songs we have been doing over Lockdown to help get the message out.  

“Get both jabs if you haven’t already, the people down at the centres are well nice and it’s free too!  And then come see us on tour, clarts!”

The song’s music video has been filmed at a walk-in vaccination centre in Newport, outside the Newport Centre with members of the group holding placards, in the streets surrounding the Kingsway shopping centre, as well as appearing at the Welsh Government’s press room in Cathays Park.

Eluned Morgan, Welsh Government Minister for Health and Social Services, said:

“We are really grateful to Goldie Lookin Chain for helping promote and support vaccine uptake, building on our fantastic programme to date and helping to protect more than 2m adults. We’re now inviting 16 and 17-year-olds to get vaccinated before school starts again, in line with the latest advice.

“If you haven’t had a vaccine yet, it’s never too late. All health boards have appointments available.”

After racing towards the top of the charts and into many hearts over the past two decades, the hip hop group are due to start a 20th Anniversary Tour across England and Wales starting later this month.


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