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Tim presents ‘The Red Thread’
The show is called ‘The Red Thread’ because every song somehow connects to the next.
Any possible way it can be connected he will use- artist, title, however, he can. 
Some of the links are very sensible, some are very tenuous, and some are insane.
Whatever you expect to be the next song, it won’t be! 
On the show he likes to play songs not usually played on the radio too, you won’t hear the same old songs that other stations play.
The ‘older’ hour features music from the ’50s to around 1985, and the ‘newer’ hour its 1985 to the present day.
The title of the show, by the way, comes from an ancient Chinese belief which states that there is an invisible red thread that connects each of us to all of the individuals who have been, currently are, and will in the future be important to us in our lives.
This red thread can stretch, twist, and bend… but will never break.


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