Grief Support Cymru celebrates its first anniversary

Written by on 13th July 2021

Grief Support Cymru is an organisation set up to support any person who has been touched by loss through a bereavement. It is a volunteer led service, based in Rhondda but works as a national service and have supported clients in most regions of Wales.

10 years ago, Kyle Luckwell and Jodie Thomas lost their first child, Dylan, who died after a week’s intensive support at Singleton Hospital. In the initial period after their loss, they were left totally unsupported for just under a year. Grief Support Cymru was set up as a lasting legacy to their son built on the pledge to offer free support to anybody who needs it.

The Grief Support service is given in lasting memory of their son whose bravery has spurred them onto be able to ensure that nobody is left alone to grieve. Over the last 3 quarters of the financial year, they have witnessed an 833% rise in the demand for their service.

Even though they currently have a small number of volunteers, they are a mighty force and with a small listening team they have currently supported over 200 people.

Kyle Luckwell and Jodie Thomas founders of Grief Support Cymru Said:
“We are a service that is struggling to find core funding, but we are continuing to offer and deliver a service, without judgement for our amazing clients, for our fantastic community and more over we're working to create a bereavement friendly community. We're working to make a brighter tomorrow”.

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