Celebrating National Allotment Week

Written by on 13th August 2021

To celebrate National Allotment Week, Member of the Senedd for South Wales Central Heledd Fychan visited Pritchard Street Allotment in Tonyrefail.

There she met with Caryl and Rhys, residents who have been growing on the allotment for 18 years, with Caryl also acting as Secretary to the allotment.

The theme of this year’s allotments week was ‘Plotting for the Future’ – a theme with celebrates sustainability.

Speaking after the visit, Ms Fychan said: “I was honoured to visit Pritchard Street Allotment in Tonyrefail and hear from Caryl and Rhys, residents who have been growing on the allotment for 18 years.  

“It was fantastic to hear how residents at the allotment have prioritised sustainability and community. Using all natural products on their plots where possible, protecting the local Bee population, re-using and re-purposing old materials to build green houses and supporting their local foodbank by donating fresh produce to families in need, meaning food grown on the allotment is never wasted. 

“With this year’s theme in mind, I want to highlight the vital role these community allotments play in supporting communities like Tonyrefail.  

“And with Food poverty at its highest in Wales and local foodbanks giving out over 145,828 emergency food parcels last year we need urgent solutions to end poverty and hunger now.  

“We need to encourage and support communities to grow their own food and protect the environment. I will continue to promote green solutions and stand up for local communities in the Senedd. “


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