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World Toilet Day – 19th November

Written by on 11th November 2016

To mark World Toilet Day on Saturday 19 November, Welsh Water will be opening its treatment works at Cilfynydd, to local residents.

The event aims to show the 66,600 people the works serve, the crucial role it plays in protecting public health and keeping the environment clean and safe.

Members of the public can visit Cilfynydd Treatment Works in Albion Industrial Estate, Cilfynydd CF37 4WX between 10am and 3pm on the day to see what the company does to keep things flowing freely.

Guided tours of the works can be pre-booked by emailing Welsh Water on

Steve Wilson, managing director of waste water services for Welsh Water, said:

“Have you ever wondered where things go when you “flush the chain”? Well, we’re opening a number of our waste water treatment works to show our customers what happens.

“Many people might not appreciate the important role toilets play in our daily lives— until they try and imagine life without them. Around the world there are many people who don’t have access to toilets and clean sanitation. In Welsh Water, we are supporting the work of WaterAid in Uganda where we are trying to provide clean water and sanitation to around 20,000 people in the Namalu area of North East Uganda.

“On World Toilet Day let’s celebrate our toilets, come and see the work our waste water treatment works do in protecting our environment and support WaterAid in providing this basic service around the world.”

Tea and coffee will be provided on the day with donations going to WaterAid.

Welsh Water is also taking this opportunity to ask its three million customers to help prevent sewer flooding to their homes and local communities by changing their behaviour when it comes to what they flush down their toilets and rinse down their sinks.

Blocked sewers are a major problem which costs Welsh Water over £7 million pounds a year to clear. They cause huge human misery, and every year flood hundreds of homes and businesses and can pollute our beautiful rivers, beaches and the wider environment.

Welsh Water deals with over 2,000 sewer blockages every month and the majority of these blockages are caused by everyday items put down the toilet such as wet wipes, sanitary towels and cotton buds, as well as fat, oil and grease that people put down their drains.

Find out more about our Let’s Stop the Block campaign at

Note for safety reasons:

  • All visitors must wear sensible footwear
  • Children under the age of six years will not be allowed to take part in a site tour.

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