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Welsh Government statement on COBR meeting 21st December 2020

Written by on 21st December 2020

A Welsh Government spokesperson said:

“The First Minister attended a COBR civil contingencies committee meeting earlier today, which was chaired by the Prime Minister. The First Ministers of Scotland and Northern Ireland, along with UK cabinet ministers, were also in attendance. It was convened to look urgently at the impact the spread of a new variant of coronavirus is having in the UK, and the subsequent decisions to increase measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

“On the impact of the travel bans imposed by European partners, the First Minister updated the meeting on the current situation at Welsh ports. While traffic management plans are not needed at this point, the First Minister made clear that arrangements with the Irish Republic were very important in sustaining that position. UK-wide supply chains for food, medical supplies, PPE and vaccines are robust.

“The Welsh Government will continue to closely monitor the situation in the days ahead.”


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