Welsh Conservatives have called on the First Minister to urgently issue a roadmap to recovery in Wales.

Written by on 23rd February 2021

Last week, the Welsh Labour Government refused to provide “windows of opportunity” for many people and businesses across Wales, leaving many frustrated at the lack of a plan.

Earlier this month, Welsh Conservative Senedd leader, Andrew RT Davies, called for Labour ministers to work with the UK government to provide “consistency” in areas where all four UK chief medical officers “undoubtedly agree”.

On Monday, the Prime Minister announced his “cautious” four-part plan to lift the coronavirus lockdown. Rules will be lifted in stages and four conditions must be met at each stage.

Andrew RT Davies has called on Mark Drakeford to either publish a roadmap to recovery or adopt key parts of the plan announced by the Prime Minister on Monday in the House of Commons.

Commenting, Welsh Conservative Senedd leader, Andrew RT Davies said:  

“It’s time for Labour ministers to cut out the politics by working with the UK Government to adopt a common framework on key restrictions as we move out of lockdown.

“The science on the rule of six, children’s outdoor sport or sitting on a park bench doesn’t differ between Wales and England, and it’s time to stop being different for the sake of being different when it’s achieved so little and only served to cause confusion.

“Clarity in the recovery and for people in Wales is now vital, particularly as over a third of our population live within 20 miles of the English border, and where commuting, working and socialising across Offa’s Dyke is normally such an important part of everyday life.

“Last week’s Welsh Government briefing was a missed opportunity to provide a route forward and announce greater support for business, and Mark Drakeford must now fill the void and outline a roadmap to recovery with windows of opportunity for people and businesses.

“The First Minister should move quickly and either issue a roadmap to recovery for Wales, or better still, confirm he will work with the UK Government to pursue a joined-up approach.”

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