Volunteer to do yourself a world of good in RCT

Written by on 11th April 2022

Interlink RCT is putting out a recruitment call for volunteers. In Rhondda Cynon Taf, vacancies for volunteers have reached over 120, and with society returning to normal, now’s a great time to volunteer. It has so many benefits for the people that take it up.

Volunteering gives lots of people work skills and experience to put on their CV. It can be a way to start on a career path, or to switch careers. Others use volunteering to stay active in retirement, while some people volunteer to give back to their communities. It’s a great way to support a cause that you care about as well, with opportunities currently available with environmental causes to food parcel delivery.

We asked Ellis Thomas, a volunteer at Meadow Street Community Project, what he got from volunteering and he said,

“Meeting new people, as well as learning new skills and qualities that I haven’t really had the most experience doing outside of volunteering. It’s certainly had a positive impact on my life, definitely. I feel a lot…happier, and I feel that I’m part of something as opposed to being a bit on my own.”

The Interlink RCT Wellbeing Team signposts members of the public to sources of support for any social, emotional or practical needs. As volunteering can be so beneficial for people, that can include referring people to volunteering opportunities.

Imogen Hopkins, a Wellbeing Coordinator at Interlink RCT, had this to say about what volunteering does for people,

“It definitely improves people’s confidence. I was speaking to someone who did volunteering in Pontypridd Museum, and she even said herself ‘I feel so much more confidence now’…I think it makes people feel useful and they’ve got a purpose and it’s something to do regularly, while meeting new people or meeting friends. It can also be useful for people to build on skills that they might use for employment.”

Interlink RCT places people in volunteering positions. The public may ask us for assistance in finding an opportunity, and our team can be useful for organisations wanting to arrange volunteering for people who might otherwise be excluded. Recently, our Volunteering Officer found volunteering opportunities for pupils at Maesygwyn Special School.

Individuals looking to volunteer can find opportunities on the popular local site www.ConnectRCT.org.uk. There are also opportunities on www.volunteering-wales.net. Anyone wanting support from our Volunteering Officer can phone 01443 846200 or email volunteering@interlinkrct.org.uk.

GTFM are also looking for new volunteers to join it’s team based in Pontypridd. Find out more by clicking here

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