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What’s University done for Graduates?

Written by on 16th August 2017

Ahead of A-Level results day (Thurs 17th Aug) new research has looked at what university has done for graduates.

The study conducted of graduates revealed that over half (54%) believe that university was the most important factor in defining who they are as a person. This is compared to only 13% who said their first job was influential in shaping their sense of self and even less (9%) saying their marriage was a significant moment in their life.

When it comes to education University came top of the list for the part of life that most shaped people. It fared largely better than Secondary school (14%) and Primary school (0%).

University even came before a person’s childhood (10%) as the time that people feel has made them the person they are today.

The research also revealed that university is much more than just what we learn in the classroom, with 21% saying their housemate or people they met at university had the most impact on their experience while 2 in 5 (37%) said that moving away from home and gaining independence was the most significant part.

Independence at university was a recurring theme, as 52% claimed they only felt like they became an independent adult when they were at university, compared to only 2% that said gaining their driver’s licence gave them that first taste of freedom.

Likewise, only 15% claimed that taking that first step on the property was when they felt they became an independent adult.

(All findings based on research conducted by Vital Research and Statistics, commissioned by University of Derby; surveying 1,423 recent UK graduates.

The research was carried out between 19/07/2017 and 02/08/2017)