Written by on 18th April 2020

  • UK Government confirms further £95m to support the devolved administration in Wales tackle coronavirus
  • People in Wales also benefit from a range of UK-wide measures including £330 billion worth of UK Government backed loans, the Job Retention Scheme, the UK-wide PPE strategy and support from the military.

The UK Government has committed a further £95m to support the devolved administration in Wales tackle coronavirus, the Local Government Secretary has announced today (Saturday 18 April). 

As a result of the UK Government’s funding boost for councils across England announced by Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick, the devolved administration in Wales will receive an additional £95 million. This takes the total given by the UK Government to support the effort in Wales to almost £2 billion, helping the Welsh Government provide essential services and support to those who need it most during this emergency. 

Secretary of State for Wales Simon Hart said:

“The UK Government continues to support the Welsh Government, providing them with the funding they need to meet this exceptional challenge.

“With this latest direct funding, in addition to the support offered to people and businesses across Wales through UK-wide initiatives, the UK Government continues to do whatever it takes to ensure that everyone in Wales is able to access the support they need. 

“This extra £95 million will help the Welsh Government deliver vital services to help people get through the pandemic.”

Local Government Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP said:  

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with local government and my priority is to make sure they are supported so they can continue to support their communities through this challenging time.

“Council workers are the unsung heroes as we tackle this virus. They are in the front line in the effort to keep the public safe and deliver the services people need. Never has this been more important and we are all rightly grateful for everything that they are doing.”

As well as the £2bn extra so far allocated to the Welsh Government, people in Wales also benefit from a range of measures that are supporting people across the UK. 

The UK military is providing both the Welsh Government and the NHS with additional specialist skills and expertise while businesses in Wales have access to £330 billion worth of UK Government-backed loans and the Job Retention Scheme.


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