Trivallis launches fresh approach to reducing damp and mould harms

Written by on 19th October 2023

Trivallis has launched a new Warm and Well campaign that aims to change outdated approaches to dealing with damp and mould in the home.

We all know that damp and mould can be a problem, especially during the colder months. Many homes face challenges because of old buildings, not knowing how to prevent problems, and the rising cost of living.

For too long the focus has been on managing damp and mould when it shows up, and often the blame is placed on tenant behaviours that result in a build-up of condensation, damp and mould.

To make a real difference to the lives of our tenants, Trivallis knew this had to change!

Introducing Warm and Well

This year, Trivallis has launched the Warm and Well Campaign to proactively stop damp and mould in its tracks.

Trivallis don’t want it’s tenants to be spending the colder months managing damp and mould, they want to support them to live comfortably warm and cosy in their homes. Much of the advice they provide around this also helps prevent damp and mould from forming and spreading.

Keeping a warm and cosy home has huge benefits for our health and wellbeing. In colder weather this can seem more difficult and costly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many small things we can all do to care for ourselves and our homes.

Keiron Montague, Executive Director of Communities at Trivallis said;

“Damp, mould, and condensation has been a long-standing challenge. To truly make a difference for our tenants facing these issues, we realised we needed to do things differently.

“This year, our campaign takes a different approach, focusing on helping you keep your home warm and dry rather than just addressing damp and mould after they appear. Our goal is to enhance your quality of life by actively supporting you in staying warm and well at home.

“But we’re not doing this alone. We’re collaborating with partners to provide the right resources and community support. We understand that together with our tenants and the community, we can achieve this goal.”

So what are Trivallis doing differently?

This year the Warm and Well campaign will:

Help you learn: Trivallis want to help you understand what causes damp, mould, and condensation and why they can be bad for your health.

Support you: Trivallis want to help you take simple and affordable steps to stop these problems in your home.

Guide you: Trivallis will give tenants clearer information on how to report and solve damp issues.

Work together: Trivallis is teaming up with different organisations to tackle damp and mould in a smarter way. It will also work with tenants and communities to understand how they can better support people in keeping warm and well.

Dedicated resource: Trivallis has also invested in a damp and mould team to ensure the right resource and expertise is available to help those that need it the most. They are also piloting damp and mould ‘fix it kits’ that will be readily available in the community for those unable to afford more expensive treatments and materials that can resolve early signs of damp and mould.

Trivallis wants to make sure everyone can have a comfortable and happy home without worrying about condensation, dampness, or mould growth. While the remit of the housing association is greatly focused on the needs of its tenant, Trivallis realises the positive impact this useful information could have on home owners and private renters.

Mr Montague adds:

“We offer a huge variety of support to our tenants; these include services and information access that are rarely available to private renters or home owners. We’ve put a lot of effort into getting this information right, so why wouldn’t we share that knowledge and support with our wider communities. Everyone should be supported to live warm and well this winter and we are proud to be playing our part in helping them achieve that.”

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