Tribute Paid To ‘Top Cat’ Alfie

Written by on 17th November 2020

Alfie, the most celebrated political cat in South Wales, has died at the age of 17.

The beloved pet of former Cynon Valley MP Ann Clwyd, Alfie led a wonderful, unassuming life at home but was plunged into the spotlight in 2018 when he became candidate for the coveted title Purr-Minister.

A nationwide election campaign organised by the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home saw Alfie, a ginger-and-white tabby take on seven other feline candidates to claw his way to the top, claiming 34% of the public vote, to be officially crowned the UK’s Purr-Minister in November 2018.

Alfie immediately built up a large following around the world with his very own Twitter account and was like the ‘cat who got the cream,’ often taking part in photo opportunities to promote his causes. Many of his ‘Vote for Alfie’ campaign badges were worn all over the House of Commons.

Alfie’s pawlicies promised “purrfection” for cats by making it compulsory to report cat deaths on roads – a subject very close to his heart as Ann lost three pet cats died in such tragic circumstances.

Alfie was also keen to purrmote the introduction of ‘Lucy’s Law’ for cats and dogs, particularly in Wales, along with a purrmanent amnesty for mice, squirrels and birds on Sunday’s only!

Former journalist Ann Clwyd, who retired as MP for the Cynon Valley constituency in 2019 after 35 years, said she was proud of Alfie’s role in public life at a time when the public needed a smile the most.

She said: “I knew Alfie all his life as a loving pet but I was proud of him when he became the country’s Purr-Minister. Alfie loved his role but continued to live at home and remained unchanged by all the attention he was getting.”

Sadly, Alfie suffered ill health this year and has sadly passed away.

Ann added: “Alfie lived a full life and will be greatly missed by family and friends but we will forever be grateful that he came into our lives and made

such an impact on so many people. We will never forget Alfie and carry on his campaigns.”

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