Tribute from Treorchy comprehensive school to Wenjing Xu

Written by on 10th March 2021

Treorchy Comprehensive School has issued the following statement:

“Wenjing Lin’s sudden death is a tragedy and has had a devastating impact on our school and, in particular, her friendship group and Year 11. Wenjing’s life, however, will be remembered as a master class in how to be the very best version of yourself that you can be. 

“The school will remember Wenjing Lin as a positive role model. She was extremely hard working and was in the middle of studying for her GCSEs and had ambitions to go on to study Psychology and Maths and further Maths at A Level. 

“Wenjing took an active part in school life, travelling to Patagonia and being part of the school’s Combined Cadet Force, where she made many friends, who will remember her dry sense of humour and a person who inspired many others.  

“She was also however a very responsible pupil who managed to combine her academic ambitions with a real commitment to support her family business. 

“Wenjing was an honest and passionate pupil, who believed that it was important to always stand up for what you believe in. She was at the heart of her circle of friends, who shared a belief in being kind, passionate, and ambitious; but, most importantly, being true to yourself. 

“The school is working with outside agencies to support all those impacted by this tragedy. Students in Year 11 and across other year groups have already had access to immediate support, and this will continue with the support of trained counsellors during the weeks ahead.”


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