Stagecoach receives support from the local communities across South Wales

Written by on 19th May 2020

Stagecoach in South Wales has shared a collection of kind messages and appreciation from local communities across South Wales. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has received a huge amount of messages and pictures which have been sent to depots or sent in via social media.

This includes the following:

Two little girls Abigail and Isabella designed some signs giving thanks to key workers as their Uncle works as a bus driver in Stagecoach Aberdare depot. The girls stood by the roadside to wave to their uncle and show their signs as he drove past on his shift. Abigail and Isabella were both sent goody bags as thank you for lifting staff spirits.

Four year old Dexter has been making hand sanister at home and handing it out to drivers as he catches the bus. Staff from Aberdare visited Dexter to give him a Stagecoach goody bag as a thank you for his kind gesture.

Rowan and Josh both dressed up as their fathers’ for National Superhero Day. Rowan and Josh’s fathers work as bus drivers for Stagecoach in South Wales. Stagecoach has sent goody bags to both boys to thank them for their support.

Pictures of buses and rainbows drawn by children and adults across South Wales have been sent to Stagecoach. Messages from key workers have been shared on the Stagecoach Wales Twitter profile including from staff at hospitals and care homes. Cakes and refreshments have been sent to depots as a thank you for keeping vital bus services going.

The pictures and messages are now proudly displayed on the staff intranet as well as in the depots and on Twitter, which is helping to raise the spirit of staff during these difficult times.

Nigel Winter, Managing Director for Stagecoach in South Wales said: “We are extremely grateful for all of the supportive messages that we’ve received from the public during the pandemic and from myself and all of the staff at Stagecoach in South Wales, we would like to thank you. The pictures, messages and kind gestures reinforce how important we are to the local communities and how buses continue to play a vital role in keeping people moving safely now, and in the country’s long-term recovery.”

If you’d like to share any pictures or messages, please share on Twitter @StagecoachWales or you can email

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