South East Wales sustainable transport consultations launched

Written by on 1st February 2022

Transport for Wales are inviting you to give your views on projects to upgrade travel links between Cardiff and Newport and to improve access to Severn Tunnel Junction railway station.

The proposals take forward key South East Wales Transport Commission recommendations, overseen by the Transport for Wales-led Burns Delivery Unit in partnership with the Welsh Government and local authorities in Cardiff, Monmouthshire and Newport. The unit aims to develop a sustainable transport network across South East Wales which will make walking, cycling, and using public transport the easy option for people.

Both consultations will run from 1 February and remain open until 11 March 2022.

The Severn Tunnel Junction railway station consultation, in collaboration with Monmouthshire Council, invites feedback on a range of options which aim to improve walking, cycling and bus access to the rail network and make it easier for people to travel to where they need to go for work and leisure in an environmentally friendly way.

For further information and to access the consultation questionnaire, please click here.

The second consultation, in collaboration with Cardiff and Newport Council, invites views on plans to improve walking, cycling and bus routes on the A48 between Cardiff and Newport plus improvements of the National Cycle Network Route 88 running parallel to the south.

Motorway trips between Cardiff and Newport are the most common on this section of the M4, so creating sustainable alternatives to the private car will be taking forward a key recommendation of Lord Burns and SEWTC.

For further information and to access the consultation questionnaire, please click here.

In 2019, the South East Wales Transport Commission, chaired by Lord Burns, investigated sustainable ways to tackle congestion on the M4 in South East Wales. Lord Burns found many people do not have good transport alternatives to the motorway and significant new transport options were needed. The work of the Burns Delivery Unit oversees the 58 recommendations published by the commission in November 2020, all focussing on supporting people to make more sustainable travel choices.

Professor Simon Gibson, Chair of the Burns Delivery Board appointed to deliver the Lord Burns recommendations said: “Collectively, we are working towards an accessible, sustainable, and efficient transport system across South East Wales that contributes to the wellbeing of future generations. People’s views will help move us forward with creating the network on the ground. I would encourage people to visit the consultation site and share their opinions.”


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