Shielding restrictions eased for the most vulnerable

Written by on 1st April 2021

Under the new government guidance, Chloe Ball-Hopkins will no longer have to shield from coronavirus.

Chloe was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at a young age which means her muscles are weak and damaged.
She has spent the last year shielding with her grandparents and for her “it’s been one big long lockdown”.
But from today, the 24-year-old can finally take a small step back towards normality.
She said: “I feel like I’ve woken up on Christmas Day, it’s that one day of the year where you just enjoy being with friends and family, and I’m going to enjoy that for a few days but going forwards it’s going to take time.
“I’m not going to feel comfortable overnight in all environments and that’s okay. I don’t think I can go from shielding for this long to feeling okay overnight. It’s going to take time.”

Those on the shielded patient list were asked to stay at home as much as possible.
Of those shielding, 90% of have now had their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
“I’m one of the rare ones,” said Chloe. “A lot of people with my condition are still dubious to go out, particularly ahead of having a second vaccine
“But with where I live and the people around me, I’m fortunate that a lot of them understand my situation and have either been shielders or vulnerable themselves so are happy to meet in a big open space.”

The Chief Medical Officer for Wales has urged people to maintain social distancing and stick to Covid-19 rules as thousands head to beauty spots to enjoy the warm weather.

Dr. Frank Atherton says “it would be a disaster to throw away the gains of the last few months”


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