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Ryanair Under Investigation For “Jab and Go” Travel Advert

Written by on 6th January 2021

The UK’s low-cost airline Ryanair is under investigation by the UK’s advertising standards authority after an advert encouraging people to book travel abroad once they have a COVID-19 vaccine. The ASA’s investigation aims to explore whether the advertisement has broken any of its rules.

Around the world, travel companies are hoping that the COVID-19 vaccine could be the key to reopening the world following aviation’s worst crisis. However, with the first vaccine doses administered from December, it will take a long time before the global population will be vaccinated.

As such, no countries have yet declared that vaccines will allow a person to travel in spite of restrictions. However, some airlines have stated that vaccines will be mandatory to fly in the future.

Ryanair under investigation

In a Tweet posted yesterday afternoon by the Advertising Standards Authority, the agency said it would be looking into a recent Ryanair Advert to determine whether it had broken any rules. The airline’s advert featured a £19.99 travel sale, encouraging travel now that a vaccine is being administered.

The advert carried the slogan “Jab & Go,” seemingly suggesting that people can travel once they’ve had a COVID-19 vaccine. This is not currently the case. The UK was the first to start administering COVID-19 vaccines, with others such as Germany and the United States have followed since.

Despite the rollout of a vaccination program, no country has yet said that it will allow free travel by those who have been vaccinated. Additionally, there is currently little infrastructure to prove vaccination status when traveling, although companies are working on solutions.

Source/credits – Simple Flying