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Written by on 12th June 2017

RSPCA Cymru rescued 7,642 animals across Wales in 2016, new figures show as the charity celebrates ‘RSPCA Week’ (12 – 18 of June).

More animals were collected and rescued by the RSPCA in Wales in 2016 than during the previous year, while new statistics also show the RSPCA’s success in utilising non-statutory welfare and improvement notices to prevent animal suffering.

Animal rescues took RSPCA officers to the most diverse and unpredictable situations in 2016 – including a kitten trapped on a Pembroke castle wall, a bearded dragon saved from a Monmouthshire doorstep, and a sheep rescued from barbed wire on Christmas Day.

‘RSPCA Week’ is an awareness-raising seven days, shining the spotlight on the charity, and highlighting many key animal welfare issues across Wales. It celebrates the whole organisation, including how its component parts and branches work together to help animals. It coincides with the RSPCA’s 193rd birthday.

New data is included in RSPCA Cymru’s new Annual Summary, published this week, which demonstrates the breadth of the charity’s work in Wales in protecting animals, and promoting their welfare.

It underlines that, whilst prosecution activity is an important element of the RSPCA’s work, it is a very small proportion of the charity’s core output.

RSPCA Cymru officers issued 7,119 welfare and improvement notices to members of the public, throughout 2016 – an increase of 22.95 percent on the previous year.

The charity say the use of improvement notices shows the charity’s “commitment to educating and working with animal owners”, with the report also detailing how teacher training undertaken by the RSPCA in Wales during 2016 has the potential to reach 75,500 children.

Key findings contained within the Annual Summary – launched for RSPCA Week – show that, over 2016, RSPCA Cymru:

  • Collected and rescued 7,642 animals;

  • Issued 7,119 welfare and improvement notices;;

  • Received 10,540 complaints of cruelty during the year;

  • Neutered more than 9,000 animals, including through the work of RSPCA branches;

  • Delivered teacher training with the potential to reach 75,500 children;

  • Obtained an estimated 663 media mentions for our animal welfare work

  • Recognised 15 public sector organisations via the Community Animal Welfare Footprints scheme

  • Promoted key campaigns to tens of thousands at University Freshers’ Fayres, high streets, community events, agricultural shows, and Pride Cymru.

RSPCA facilities include two national animal centres at Bryn-Y-Maen and Newport, a veterinary clinic at Merthyr Tydfil, and a pet adoption centre inside Newport’s Pets at Home.

Claire Lawson, RSPCA assistant director for external relations, said:

“With 7,642 animals rescued, 7,119 welfare and improvement notices issued, more than 9,000 pets neutered and over 75,000 children reached in the classroom, 2016 was another incredibly busy year for RSPCA Cymru.

“As we mark RSPCA Week once again, it is clear we have much to celebrate across Wales in rescuing, re-homing and rehabilitating animals. I’m immensely proud of everything the charity achieved in Wales to better the lives of animals.

“Our small team of frontline officers rescued nearly 21 animals each and every day during 2016;  whilst a huge surge in the use of welfare and improvement notices outlines our successful commitment to educating and working with animal owners.

“Through classrooms, at campaign events, and on the frontline, we worked tirelessly to raise key animal welfare messages; and help protect our fellow creates, whether they be companion, wild or farm animals.

“RSPCA Week is an amazing opportunity to showcase the fantastic animal welfare work taking place across Wales – from our Inspectorate, to our Animal Centres, external relations staff and independent branches.”

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