Written by on 3rd February 2020

Photo (L to R) Chris Elmore MP, Chris Bryant MP, Beth Winter MP, Mick Antoniw AM, Alex Davies-Jones MP, Huw Irranca-Davies AM and RCT Leader Andrew Morgan join forces to campaign to save local A&E services.

Assembly Member for Pontypridd Mick Antoniw and Member of Parliament Alex Davies-Jones have organised a public meeting to allow residents in Pontypridd to put their concerns about the proposed review of A&E services at the Royal Glamorgan directly to senior Health Board managers.

The meeting will be held at Llantrisant Leisure Centre at 7pm this Friday, 7th February 2020 and all local residents are welcome to attend.  The meeting will also be streamed live on Facebook.

Alex Davies-Jones MP said:

“We have received hundreds of messages from constituents who are concerned about plans to potentially downgrade or even remove A&E services from the Royal Glamorgan.  It is a concern that we absolutely share and will do everything we can to help save our local A&E.

“We have organised this public meeting so that residents can have their say on this critical issue and put their concerns directly to Health Board managers.  We hope as many people as possible will come along.”

Mick Antoniw AM added:

“Six years ago we campaigned successfully alongside local residents to retain our A&E services.  Since then the pressures on A&E has grown enormously and we have seen a significant increase in population in the immediate area so it is even more important that we retain a robust A&E service at the Royal Glamorgan.

“A&E is a service that we all hope we will never need to use but if we do, it has to be consultant-led and within easy reach of local people.  For us, patient safety is the absolute priority.” 



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