Pontypridd Town Council Launches Blueprint for the Future to Serve Community Better

Written by on 17th July 2023

Pontypridd Town Council has launched its first Forward Development Plan, a set of actions designed to improve the lives, health and well-being of everyone who lives and works in Pontypridd. 

The Forward Development Plan was created with the priorities of the local community at its heart. It is a collaborative effort between town councillors and town council staff, Pontypridd residents, and community groups and sets out common goals that the Town Council aims to achieve over the coming 4 years, ahead of the next local elections in 2027. 

Between August 2022 and April 2023, the Town Council held meetings to discuss the plan with hundreds of individuals and community groups. The council asked individuals to suggest projects and issues they would like to see included.

The Forward Development Plan concentrates on 5 key areas, known as the 5 Pillars: 

Pillar 1: The Town Council will be a well-run, accessible and inclusive organisation.

Pillar 2: Focus on People and Community at the Heart of the Town Council’s Work.

Pillar 3: Improve our Environment and Biodiversity.

Pillar 4: Encourage and Fund Events, Culture and Arts that Promote Well-being.

Pillar 5: Continue to Invest in the Regeneration of Our Town and Surrounding Communities.

The Forward Development Plan does not exist in isolation. It is influenced by other plans and legislation such as the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act 2015, Cwm Taf Morgannwg’s Well-being Plan and RCT’s Corporate Plan.

The plan will be reviewed annually – the findings of which will be published each year to enable residents to see what has been achieved and what is still left to achieve.

Pontypridd Town Council Chief Executive and Town clerk, Tony Graham said,

“I am delighted to present Pontypridd Town Council’s first Forward Development Plan for the period 2023-27. The organisation is focused on serving our communities and working for the good of our residents by implementing their ideas and aspirations.

‘We offer this plan as a statement of our intentions for the coming four years. The process is not finished, and we will be reviewing progress annually and regularly inviting comments from all our residents, partners, and stakeholders. We look forward to working together for the good of Pontypridd.”

Town Council Leader, Cllr. Simon Pritchard said,

“Together, we can use this document as a roadmap, guiding our decisions and actions to deliver real, visible improvements for our communities. Let’s put these principles into action, today and every day.

‘I am pleased to say that all members of the Council have agreed these themes and would take this opportunity to thank all Town Council colleagues for their spirit of positivity and cooperation.”

To view the document in full, visit: https://www.pontypriddtowncouncil.gov.uk/information#ForwardDevelopmentPlan

If you would like to contact the Town Council about the Future Development plan, please email info@pontypriddtowncouncil.gov.uk

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