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Pet Safety – RSPCA

Written by on 2nd November 2016

RSPCA Cymru has issued a further reminder to members of the public to ensure their pets are kept safe as part of any Guy Fawkes Night celebrations.

Many animals can find fireworks scary, with an estimated 45% of dogs showing signs of fear when they hear fireworks.

There are, however, many practical and straightforward steps which members of the public can take to help keep their pets safe at this time of year.

By planning in advance, pet owners can help their pet deal with fireworks phobia.

Lisa Richards, RSPCA welfare expert, said:

“Bonfire night is a stressful time for many pets.

“However, firework phobia is a treatable condition. There are ways to help your pets learn to be less afraid of loud noises.

“Planning ahead and speaking to your vet about the options available is a great start.

“There are also some simple things worried owners can do to help their pets cope, including, making sure dogs and cats are indoors when fireworks are likely to be set off, trying to mask the noise of the fireworks by turning on the TV or music, and providing pets with a safe place to hide at all times.

“Small animals that live outside should have lots of extra bedding so they can burrow and some of their enclosure could be covered by a blanket for extra insulation and sound-proofing.

It is not just companion animals that are affected by fireworks, with farm animals and wildlife often negatively affected. RSPCA Cymru has urged organisers of firework events to avoid letting off fireworks in places nearby to where animals may be housed; and to check for wildlife before lighting bonfires.

The RSPCA produces advice, guidance and other materials for members of the public about the steps they can take to help pets feel safe at this time of year. These are available online here.

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