Operation Buena Update

Written by on 19th October 2021

The local neighbourhood policing team in Talbot Green has once again teamed up with roads policing officers and the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency to tackle speeding and anti-social driving.

Part two of Operation Buena took place on Friday, October 9, and resulted in 13 vehicles being pulled over by the team.
Roads policing officers focussed their attention on the A4119 – a known hot spot for reports of speeding vehicles and inconsiderate driving and they pulled vehicles over to where DVSA officers were ready to carry out inspections.

Seven drivers were given prohibition notices for defects, meaning they must take their vehicle for an immediate MOT.

One BMW was immediately taken off the road after it was found to have:

❌ The roll bar held together with cable ties
❌ Lowered suspension, forcing the fuel tank to drag on speedbumps
❌ A broken light, the driver using fog lights (it wasn’t foggy)
❌ No front number plate

This vehicle will need to pass an MOT before the driver can use it again.

It is the second time the operation has taken place. Back in August, nine motorists were given prohibition notices and 12 drivers were fined for speeding.

Police Sergeant Darryl Phillips, said: “The DVSA have been fantastic as have our roads policing colleagues.

“Neighbourhood officers have been listening to the local community and with their help they are taking action.
“I hope that those who have been affected by these issues are reassured by that.
“These individuals are driving vehicles which are unsafe, putting themselves and other motorists at risk,” he added.

(Images courtesy of the DVSA)

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