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New Road Laws

Written by on 21st April 2017

The introduction of new road laws on Monday (24th April) will see drivers who are caught speeding face fines of up to £2500 or 175% of their weekly income, compared to the previous level of 100%.

Amanda Stretton, former racing driver and motoring editor at, comments:

“It is worrying that four in five (79%) drivers admit to breaking the speed limit with two in five (37%) having been caught doing so. But the harsher penalties should encourage drivers to think twice before putting their foot down on the accelerator. While some drivers might think they have a valid excuse to speed, there is nothing more important than following laws set to protect people on the road.

“Speed restrictions have been put in place for a reason – to maintain a level of safety for both motorists and pedestrians alike. If drivers were allowed to drive at any speed, the roads would be chaos and accidents would be even more frequent than they are now.

“We urge drivers who do get caught speeding to declare any offences to their insurers. While this may result in increased premiums, failing to declare such offences could see their policy voided.”

Drivers who rely on Sat Navs and smartphones will apparently be hit hardest by higher fines for speeding motorists.

Research from price comparison site uSwitch has found an over-reliance on the technology has led nearly a fifth to drive dangerously.

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