Written by on 15th July 2021

As the lockdown ease, Hope Rescue – the dog rescue centre based in Llanharan – have been inundated with dogs.

This wasn’t a surprise to the rescue centre, as leading animal charities have predicted a huge spike in the number of dogs needing help as a direct result of the unprecedented demand for dogs and puppies during lockdown. What is a surprise though is that they are overrun with Yorkshire Terriers and currently have 10 in their care ranging in age from 2 years to 14 years.

The charity’s founder Vanessa Waddon explains:

“We’re experiencing a perfect storm at the moment which has led to a huge increase in the number of dogs in our care. Unprecedented demand for dogs and puppies during lockdown often being met by low welfare breeders and unscrupulous online sellers, followed by the easing of restrictions and the financial impact of Covid hitting some families hard has created a real welfare crisis for animal welfare charities

Whilst this surge was expected, it’s really unusual to have so many little dogs in our care, including 10 Yorkshire Terriers. Some came in as strays and weren’t claimed by their owners, and others came in as their owners were sadly unable to care for them anymore, but did the right thing by asking for our help rather than selling them on.”

Whilst Hope Rescue don’t think they will have any problems rehoming these dogs, sadly it will be a while before they are ready for adoption as most of the Yorkshire Terriers have health issues. Most of them have rotten teeth, and several also have eye and ear problems.

Vanessa continues:

“It is going to cost us around £8,000 to ensure these wonderful little dogs are ready to find their new homes. This includes routine vaccinations, parasite treatment and neutering, as well as dental work and flushing out ears. Nik Nak and Rufus both need x-rays on their jaws, and poor Walker needs to have one of his eyes removed. Little Sweep also has some suspicious looking lumps that need further investigation.”

As with all their dogs, Hope Rescue will ensure the Yorkshire Terriers get the very best treatment. However, it has been a tough year for them after Storm Dennis closed their Pontypridd charity shop followed by Covid impacting their ability to fundraise.

If you would like to find out more about adopting from Hope Rescue, or would like to make a donation to the Yorkshire Terrier’s care then more details can be found on their website at www.hoperescue.org.uk

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