GTFM Aberfan Disaster Interview

Written by on 20th October 2021

GTFM Presents an interview in which Aberfan disaster survivor Gaynor Madgwick tells Welsh Broadcaster Doreen Jenkins what she remembers of that fateful day 55 years ago and how she came to write her first book ‘Aberfan -Struggling out of the Darkness – A Survivor’s Story’.

Gaynor was 8 years of age when her school and nearby houses were demolished by a moving coal tip, killing 144 people including 116 fellow pupils.

Find out why she waited 30 years to tell her story publicly and yet was still one of the first survivors to do so – and how it encouraged others to come forward.

Advisory note: The start of this programme contains descriptions of the disaster some people may find distressing.

The programme was produced by Doreen Jenkins and first broadcast in 1996, edited by Terry Mann and digitally re-mastered by Meurig Hailstone at Reeltime Studios.

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