Cynon Valley residents demand climate action.

Written by on 3rd November 2021

As the world comes together at COP26, Cynon Valley residents are demanding grants to help people insulate their homes, affordable public transport, and a green jobs revolution to help fight climate change.

The people of the Cynon Valley are ready to play their part but addressing the climate crisis is going to require a lot more than behavioural changes from individuals, according to Cynon Valley MP Beth Winter.

Speaking as she launched the ‘Cynon Valley Climate Manifesto Beth Winter MP said, ‘Local people want to do the right thing. They want to insulate their homes but can’t afford to. They want to choose public transport or electric cars, but the infrastructure just isn’t good enough.’

‘We need massive government investment to make sure that working class people are not disadvantaged by the radical changes that lie ahead.’

The report is the result of three climate assemblies hosted by the Cynon Valley MP so that local people could have their say on the climate crisis.

Winter said she had now sent the report to Boris Johnson and to the President of COP26 Alok Sharma.

‘The South Wales Valleys are still recovering from a rapid and unjust transition away from the mining industries upon which our economies were built. History mustn’t be allowed to repeat itself.

‘As we future-proof the planet, we must make sure communities like Cynon Valley are not left behind again.’


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