Cynon Valley residents demand action on cost-of-living crisis

Written by on 12th October 2022

Over 1300 Cynon Valley residents have signed a petition which makes a series of demands to end the cost-of-living crisis from UK Government.

Cynon Valley MP Beth Winter will submit the petition today on behalf of her constituents after spending the summer talking to residents.

The petition calls for inflation proofed increases in pay, pensions and benefits, as well as price controls on essentials, wealth taxes, increased emergency payments to households, a programme of mass home insulation and fair funding for Wales.

The petition follows the cost-of-living survey conducted across Cynon Valley in April and May and a summer roadshow of talking to residents about their experiences.

In September, around 200 people attended a cost-of-living crisis rally at Cynon Linc in Aberdare, organised by Beth Winter.

Hundreds left comments speaking about their experiences of the cost-of-living crisis.

One resident said,

“We’ve had the most devastating 2 years. It’s going to be a mental health, health and poverty crisis like we have never seen”

Another resident said,

“Things are going back to Victorian times. The haves and the have nots. It’s a very unfair society and those at the top don’t give a damn”.

Many complained of not understanding how they were meant to get by, “Am I meant to go into debt just to keep me warm? Am I just supposed to simply freeze?”

Another said,

“I don’t feel like I can carry on, I feel that I can’t provide for my children to give them the essentials they need, I don’t know what else to do!”

MP Beth Winter said,

“Over 1300 people signed the petition, showing there is serious appetite in our communities for radical action to protect people.”“We need action on pay, pensions and social security. The UK Government is holding down public sector pay and considering reducing social security again. This is driving people into poverty.”

“UK Government must step up and protect people. The Tories’ current course will only lead to more suffering and poverty in our communities, and the people of Cynon Valley won’t accept that anymore.”

“My priority now is to continue to work alongside others here in Cynon Valley and more widely – Trades unions, local councils, communities – all coming together to organise, campaign and build a movement to oppose this cost-of-living crisis. I hope to announce more local action in the coming weeks.”

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