Cynon Valley Museum Busy Brewing a Potion of Inspiration, for a #HistoricHalfTerm

Written by on 22nd October 2021

Cynon Valley Museum is busy brewing up a veritable potion of inspiration ready for a #historichalfterm, as the countdown begins for Welsh Museums Festival. This year there will be a mix of fantastic live events at museums across the length and breadth of the land, as well as online activities to enjoy. As always, there will be delights for young and old, and most will be FREE. Cynon Valley Museum is excited to be joining the line up by offering a Health Historian’s Work booklet, Home Artefact Hunt and Find the Dragon trail!

Speaking about the events Museum Co-ordinator, Rhian Hall said: “We’re so excited to be involved in the Welsh Museum’s Festival again! It is a perfect opportunity to use the museum as a space for fun and learning! We have some great activities on offer allowing families and children to discover the history of the health and medical care in the Cynon Valley, as well as identifying home related objects and how they have changed over time.”

The on-site activities on offer include the Medical Historian’s Workbook – have a go and learn about the history of health and medicine in the Cynon Valley, by exploring the museum collection and completing the historical quiz, drawing historical artefacts, and playing ‘Spot

the Artefact!’ You can also travel on a fascinating journey around the museum to discover the home-related artefacts from the past! Will you be able to find them all?

Oh, and did we mention dragons? Look out because ‘Here Be Dragons’! A baby dragon has hatched and run a mock in the museum and sharp, young eyes are needed to help track it down.

If you’re not able to visit the museum, that’s no worry! You can still take part! You can complete our ‘My Museum at Home Exhibition’ worksheet found on our website. Draw your own exhibition of your favourite and most precious objects in your home!

All this at Cynon Valley Museum while across the nation in other museums there will be crafts aplenty, fun science events, talks by museum curators, fascinating courses, and historic days out. All in all, it looks set for a #HistoricHalfTerm here in Wales!

Welsh Museums Festival is funded by Welsh Government. It is an annual event presented by the Federation of Museums and Art Galleries of Wales, which is the advocacy body for museums and galleries and those working in this sector within Wales. It currently represents over 100 unique Accredited Welsh museums, from small independents to national museums. Together, these invaluable collections tell the story of Wales, and are a treasured resource for learning, exploration and knowledge about our local and national identity, and how we have lived here in Wales since the dawn of time.

The time travel begins at Cynon Valley Museum on Saturday 23rd October and ends on Saturday 30th October. Full programme details are now available on Full details of events across Wales as part of Welsh Museums Festival can be found on the Festival’s website

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