Cynon Valley MP Beth Winer Calls on the Prime Minister to Resign

Written by on 12th January 2022

Cynon Valley MP, Beth Winter, is calling for the Prime Minister to resign following the latest revelations about Downing Street parties.

Beth Winter said that the Prime Minister could not be trusted, that he is a liar, and that he should resign immediately.

Emails prove that on 20 May 2020 Downing Street officials invited more than 100 people to a ‘bring your own booze’ party in the garden of Number 10 to ‘make the most of the lovely weather’.

The Labour MP said that it was disgraceful that the Prime Minister appeared to be breaking his own rules at a time when people in the Cynon Valley and the rest of the UK went to such lengths to obey the rules.

Speaking to the BBC, Beth Winter MP said “It is one rule for them and another for us”

“Back in May last year we were all asked to make extraordinary sacrifices and at the same time the Prime Minister and his friends were having parties. It’s awful. He can’t be trusted, he lies and in my view he must resign now.”

During the initial lockdown, Winter said she was inundated with heart wrenching stories from constituents about the sacrifices they had made to stick the rules.

“People were unable to check in on their friends or spend time with terminally ill family members. Key workers moved out of their family homes to protect vulnerable members of the household. People went weeks and months without seeing another soul.”

‘All the while, Boris Johnson and his friends were flaunting the rules and having parties. The Prime Minister is not fit to govern. It’s time for him to go.’”

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