Cynon Valley Minor Injuries Closure

Written by on 9th September 2021

Responding to news from the Cwm Taf University Health Board from earlier this week that the Minor Injuries Unit at Ysbyty Cwm Cynon has been temporarily closed until further notice, Cynon Valley MS Vikki Howells said:-

‘I will be closely monitoring the situation and calling on the health board to do all it can to get the situation back to normal, and reopen the Minor Injuries Unit in Ysbyty Cwm Cynon, as quickly as possible.

‘In the meantime, I would encourage all residents to make sure they use all available resources, including contacting NHS Wales by telephoning 111, so that they can follow the appropriate pathway to access help and advice. ‘GPs are seeing patients face to face, as they have done throughout the pandemic. From feedback from constituents, many welcome the more flexible provision introduced since the pandemic which gives the opportunity to access medical support from their GP or other healthcare professionals online or over the telephone, as this can save time and be far more convenient. However, it is important that patients realise these provisions are alternatives to face to face appointments, not replacements, and face to face appointments can still be requested if that is the patient’s preference.’

Credit:- Brad Williams


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