CTM update – Tuesday 20th October

Written by on 20th October 2020

Royal Glamorgan services update

Patients who dial 999 and require an emergency hospital admission are now being taken to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, after temporary changes to emergency admissions were brought in last month. In addition, surgical and other planned activity is restarting in a phased and safe way.

This update follows last week’s announcement that GP emergency referral patients, and anyone who self-presents at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and requires an emergency admission following assessment, will now also be admitted there. 

Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Linked COVID-19 cases – 159

Deaths in linked COVID-19 cases – 43

*numbers correct as of 19/10/2020

 Prince Charles Hospital

Linked COVID-19 cases- 41

Deaths in linked COVID-19 cases – 6

*numbers correct as of 19/10/2020

 Princess of Wales Hospital

Linked COVID-19 cases– 40

Deaths in linked COVID-19 cases – 8

*numbers correct as of 19/10/2020

Ysbyty Cwm Rhondda

Linked COVID-19 cases– 25

Deaths in linked COVID-19 cases – 0

*numbers correct as of 19/10/2020

Maesteg Hospital

Linked COVID-19 cases – 19

Deaths in linked COVID-19 cases – (figure not subject to release due to small case numbers and impact on patient privacy)

*numbers correct as of 19/10/2020


A helpline has been set up for anyone who has concerns relating to the COVID outbreaks in CTM UHB.

Members of the public can call 01685 726464 between 9am and 4.30pm (Mon – Fri) where a team will be ready to help. 

Emergency departments

We are appealing to everyone in our communities to help us manage the pressures that we are experiencing across our hospital sites. You can help by really considering whether accessing our Emergency Departments is the appropriate line of action for your health care needs. The Emergency Department is for emergency cases ONLY. We encourage everyone at this time to consider where alternative services can provide the care suitable for their needs, such as the NHS 111 Wales website, minor injury units, pharmacies and GP services. Details can be found on our website.

CTM UHB statement

Medical Director for CTM UHB Dr Nick Lyons said:

“We are now seeing the beginnings of the positive impact of the mitigating actions we are taking to contain the virus at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital site. We are taking positive steps in reinstating emergency admissions to the Hospital, and reintroducing elective surgeries in a phased way, which will keep patients and our staff safe.

“We apologise for the concern that these cases have caused for families and our communities, and we continue to operate our helpline on 01685 726464 between 9am and 4.30pm (Mon – Fri).

“As infection rates continue to rise in our communities, and we head into another period of lockdown, we are appealing to all members of the public to take seriously their responsibilities by ensuring their behaviour does not contribute to the further spread of COVID-19.  We remain grateful to all members of our community who are continuing to adhere to the guidance in order to help control this virus.”

What do the outbreak figures mean? Are they all hospital-transmitted cases?

The outbreak figures relate to cases which are confirmed, probable and indeterminate hospital transmitted cases. Therefore not all the cases will be confirmed as hospital transmitted. Each case will be examined carefully by expert teams to determine which category they fall into.

Are the deaths linked to each outbreak people who have died as a result of having COVID-19?

Deaths included in the outbreaks are patients whose deaths are associated with COVID-19, not necessarily directly due to COVID-19.

So not all of the deaths associated with the outbreak would have directly died from COVID-19. That doesn’t, of course, detract from the personal tragedy that those families are currently experiencing.

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