“Come join the best party in Pontypridd!”

Written by on 27th April 2021

Friday 23rd April sees the first broadcast of the BBC THREE hit show “Young, Welsh and Bossin’ It” and last week in both local and national newspapers Nanial revealed his ‘vision’ for Pontypridd which is to make it the vintage and alternative fashion capital of Europe. Inspired by what was achieved by Richard Booth in another South Wales town – Hay On Wye Nanial the Church Village entrepreneur wants to cluster as many repurposed clothing shops in Pontypridd as possible and make it a destination for fashion aficionados much in the same way that Hay has become a must-do pilgrimage for literary types. Plans are already in advance to open three stores in the town and a multi-million-pound streetwear company have been in touch asking if they could join the cluster in RCT’s largest town
“I can’t say too much at the moment” said Nanial “but the company that have been in touch currently employ sixteen people and the brand has exploded due to online sales during the lockdown. I feel I could jinx it if I named them but it’s probably the largest streetwear brand in these parts now and I’m convinced that their followers will flock to Pontypridd to buy returns and discounted seconds produced by the brand which will be sold in a factory shop bang in the centre of Ponty”. 
Last week we revealed that Nanial was in talk with Channel 4 about a fly on the wall series following his initiative provisionally entitled ‘Making Hay in Ponty’.
“Central to my dreams is giving an opportunity to young people in R.C.T and neighbouring authorities to come and work in what’s going to be a dynamic environment which also gives them an opportunity to be centre stage in a TV production”.  
The government anxious to cut dole queues has launched a scheme to get young people between the age of 16 and 24 into jobs guaranteeing them minimum wage for at least six months, “This new kickstart initiative is banging” said Nanial “I’m asking any fashion conscious, or interested in online sales, or handy with a needle and thread young person to get in touch on management@kingdicky.com and I’ll get back to them straight away. I know £250 a week isn’t going to make anyone rich but we will have a profit-sharing scheme and hopefully as the company grows our employees can grow alongside it and eventually earn what I hope will be generous salaries – that’s certainly part of my vision”.  
Much like Hay has become a venue for an internationally recognised literary festival Nanial has plans to have regular events in Pontypridd to highlight green fashion, the repurposing of clothes and also create a stage for young designers that work in a sustainable way.
“By the end of this year I do think the name Pontypridd will have much higher profile with fashion conscious young people across the United Kingdom and dare I say it Europe”.  
The local authority has already indicated that they are backing the plan fully and Nanial believes this is a perfect example of “Team Wales” at its best drawing talents from both the private and public sector to benefit a community which has been ravaged of late by floods and the pandemic. ‘Young, Welsh and Bossin’ It’ can be viewed on BBC iplayer. Nanial is available for interview and can be called on 07984625711 and emailed on nanials_garmshed@outlook.com.

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