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Church Village Cat Poisoning

Written by on 19th September 2017

RSPCA Cymru has launched an appeal for information, following the death of a Church Village cat in suspicious circumstances.

The charity was alerted after a three-year old cat, named Vig, sadly passed away suddenly last Friday evening (15 September), having been seen vomiting. He was showing no ill effects before the incident.

It is feared Vig may have been poisoned, after another cat on the same street became unwell at the same time and is undergoing veterinary treatment.

Tortoiseshell Vig lived in Maindy Court, and RSPCA Cymru has urged anyone with any information about the incident to contact their inspectorate appeal line.

Cat owners in the local area have also been urged to be on alert, to know the symptoms of a cat poisoning, and understand what to do if they fear this may have happened to their animal.

RSPCA inspector Simon Evans said:

“Our thoughts are with Vig’s family at this time, following what was clearly a traumatic incident.

“We’re appealing for information after this poor cat died suddenly on the evening of September 15, having been seen vomiting. His death was sudden, and unexpected, while another cat from the same area – Maindy Court in Church Village – has also been taken ill.

Anyone with information is urged to contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018, with all calls treated in confidence.

“We’re also urging local cat owners to be on alert. As ever, if a poisoning incident is feared, the owner should remain calm, move the animal away from any suspected poisonous source, and contact a vet straight away.

“Vomiting, a depressed or sleepy demeanour, appearing drunk or uncoordinated, seizures, and breathing difficulties are all symptoms to be aware of.”

Helen Carr, Vig’s owner, added:

“We are so deeply saddened by this horrific experience. Watching Vig in agony was horrible, and seeing the fear on his face will haunt me for the rest of my life.

“I fed him on Friday morning and he seemed his normal self, but I returned home to such an unwell cat. It was terrible. We just hope some information comes forward to this RSPCA appeal.”

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