Barclays to soon take office space at the CORE business solutions centre

Written by on 16th March 2022

Our Aberdare Bid has announced that Barclays Bank will be taking up a space in their new  ‘Core Business Solutions Centre.

In a statement, the BID Manager Dawn Penny said:-

We are pleased to announce that Barclays will soon be taking an office in our new ‘CORE’ (Community, Opportunity, Regeneration and Enterprise) Business Solutions Centre, Monday to Wednesday 09.30 – 16:00.

Customers will be able to drop in, and make appointments for guidance and advice and discuss their accounts. However, there will be no cash deposit or withdrawal facilities available.

We will keep you updated with an open date.

Barclays made ‘Notice of Motion regarding the notice of closure from Barclays Bank for their branch’ to RCTCBC on 15 December 2021.

In January 2022, one of the previous managers at the Barclays branch, who lives in Aberdare made contact with Our Aberdare BID to ask about available office space owing to the closure of the branch.

Therefore, it is great news that we can provide a place for Barclay’s existing customers to visit…and somewhere that isn’t too far from the existing branch!

The ‘CORE’ building is at Compton House (ground floor), Victoria Square, Aberdare and is currently undergoing refurbishments and fit out.


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