“Back to normal after Covid is not good enough” – Cynon Valley MP

Written by on 10th February 2022

The Cynon Valley requires much more than simply going back to normal after Covid-19, according to local MP Beth Winter, who said, ‘we need to go much further than that’.

Winter was speaking after independent experts at the Bevan Foundation delivered a set of recommendations about the Cynon Valley economy.

The recommendations include the creation of a Cynon Valley development trust to stimulate community enterprise, a new focus on support for business and a Real Living Wage campaign.

Winter thanked the Bevan Foundation for their work and emphasised that ‘the hard work starts now’.

Beth Winter MP Cynon Valley Aberdare Mountain Ash

Beth Winter MP

Beth Winter said,

‘we need an economy that makes it easier to start a small business and an infrastructure geared towards small and micro businesses that supports them and helps them to thrive.’

‘We need to maximise incomes, meaning more local spending power for local people and more money circulating in the local economy.’

‘We need better jobs closer to home.’

‘The Bevan Foundation have taken us so far. Now it’s up to us to turn these recommendations into action.’

Winter also thanked RCT Council for their vital input and engagement throughout the research process.

Leader of RCT Council Andrew Morgan said:

‘‘We will pursue every option to improve the lives of people in RCT.’

‘The Council has ambitious and innovative plans which overlap with several of the areas raised in the Bevan Foundation research.’

‘I have therefore agreed for council representatives to be involved in some of the next steps, to avoid duplication and to make sure the work coming out of the Bevan Foundation research complements the work the Council is already doing.’


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