An operation to tackle antisocial behaviour and crime in Aberdare launched by Police

Written by on 6th May 2022

An operation to tackle antisocial behaviour and crime in Aberdare town centre has been launched by South Wales Police and its partners.
The first phase of Operation Bunting took place over the Bank Holiday weekend between 29th April and 2nd May.
Ten people were stopped and searched and three of those were found to be in possession of class A drugs.
As part of the operation, extra police officers were drafted in to patrol the town centre. They worked closely with local authority CCTV operators to identify individuals acting suspiciously.
Officers on foot were supported by the police mounted section to ramp up the police presence and deter those intent on committing asb or crime.
Another focus for the operation was on those who drive dangerously and antisocially. Roads policing officers patrolled key arterial routes and focussed on known hot spots for speeding and antisocial driving such as the A4059.
One man was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. Five vehicles being driven with no insurance were also seized and vehicles were reported for having defects making them unroadworthy. A further seven motorists were issued with Section 59 notices for driving antisocially.
Sergeant John Sullivan, said:
“This was the first instalment of Operation Bunting and the work will continue over the next few months.
“We have been listening to residents and local businesses who have been experiencing problems in the town.
“I can confirm that five instigators involved in previous problems have been identified and are under curfew – this prevents them from entering the town centre between the hours of 8pm and 7am unless they are supervised by an appropriate adult.
“There is lots of work going on in the background to ensure quality of life is returned for the law abiding and respectful members of the community.
“I hope the weekend’s activities sends a strong message that crime and asb simply will not be tolerated.”

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