Adventure Travel puts passengers in the driving seat

Written by on 20th April 2021

Leading South Wales transport operator Adventure Travel is calling on passengers to steer its new
fare structure to reflect the changing world post-pandemic, particularly taking onboard the changing
needs of commuters.

Adventure Travel, formerly known as NAT Group, is conducting a passenger survey to find out what
bus users in South Wales want from public transport going forward and will adapt its strategy

The online survey asks passengers for their feedback on fares and the ticketing structure, as well as
asking for suggestions on how period tickets could work better for them.

During the pandemic, any workers that were able to work from home have done so, and most
businesses are unlikely to return to the past office structure with many choosing a blended approach
going forward.

This flexible working means that the five days a week commute is no longer normal for most
workers, with some commuting only one or two days a week. To address this change, Adventure
Travel want to introduce a more accommodating fare structure, but still with great savings and ease
for passengers.

Adam Keen, Managing Director of Adventure Travel, said: “It is clear that bus travel needs to adapt
significantly, not just in terms of timetables and scheduling, but also where ticketing is concerned.
The flexibility that many people now have in their working week needs to be reflected in their
transport options. We want to ask passengers – including existing customers and potential new
customers – what they want and need, so that our policies and strategies are driven by them. Not all
bus companies are the same and here at Adventure Travel, we want our passengers to lead the
decisions that affect them so that bus services are genuinely useful and flexible.”

To share your views with Adventure Travel and complete the survey visit or for information about Adventure Travel, visit

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