A Level Success Stories

Written by on 18th August 2022

Taffs Well teenager secures Kings College place thanks to A* results

18-year-old Coleg y Cymoedd leaner Ella Griffiths is celebrating 3A*s and A in Criminology, Media, Psychology and Business, securing her place at Kings College London to study Business Management and French.

The standout learner is hoping to work within the insurance sector in the future and is excited to get stuck in at university. She said: “I am really nervous but excited for university. I really enjoyed my time at college and the staff who were an amazing help in getting me where I am today.”

Triple threat: AS learners bag 100% in all subjects

Three AS level learners at Coleg y Cymoedd are celebrating an impressive 100% in all of their subjects.

Luc Jones, 21, Jacob Jones, 17, and Carys Lewis, 17, have all received straight A grades in their AS subjects, alongside an A* in their maths A level, which they have completed one year early, ahead of them studying a further maths qualification at A2 alongside their remaining A levels.

All three of the learners have their sights set on Oxbridge next year once they finish their time at college. Luc, who took a break from education due to illness, returned to college last year to do his AS levels in maths, physics and chemistry and is hoping to head to Cambridge to study computer science. Carys and Jacob both have their hearts set on the University of Oxford to study degrees in Chemistry and Physics respectively.

Luc, Carys and Jacob

An aspiring cardiac physiologist from Tylorstown is a step closer to her dream career after securing the grades to begin a degree in cardiac physiology at Leeds University

Abigail Stinton, aged 18, achieved A levels in biology (A), Chemistry (B) and Maths (C) as well as an A in the Welsh Baccalaureate at Coleg y Cymoedd and will now enrol on a three-year Bachelor of Science degree.

Someone who always loved biology and anatomy, Abigail thought her only option would be to pursue a lengthy medical degree and potentially become a surgeon. However she credits her detour into the field of cardiology to a switched-on careers advisor who alerted her to an equally interesting, but less intensive, medical career option.

She explained: “For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved biology and anatomy but I thought this meant my only option would be to pursue a five-year medical degree, and then perhaps begin the gruelling route to becoming a surgeon.

“However, I had concerns about the length and intensity of training for that career path and I wasn’t sure it was the right choice for me. It was only by chance really that I had a conversation with a careers advisor who opened my eyes to the possibility of a career in cardiology, taking a normal degree route directly into the field.”

Abigail Stinton

Identical twins, Amelia and Macey Morris from Pontypridd, are looking forward to kickstarting their careers in sociology after both confirming their places to study the subject at university following their fantastic results this morning.

The Coleg y Cymoedd learners are hoping that the degrees will enable them to make a positive social difference and tackle poverty and income inequality, motivated by their own experiences growing up in a lower income area.

Amelia will be studying sociology at Bristol University after receiving ABB grades in law, government and politics, and English, while Macey is set to head to Cardiff University to study the subject after achieving ABC grades in politics, sociology and criminology.

Amelia and Macey

Kian Evans, 18, from Aberdare, is one step closer to achieving his goal of becoming a professional rugby player after completing his Level 3 BTEC qualification in Sport at Coleg y Cymoedd.

With the help of The WRU National Rugby Union Academy, which is based at the college’s Nantgarw Campus, Kian Evans (18) has learnt to dream big and has set his sights on representing Wales internationally.

He has secured a place to study a degree in Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage at Cardiff Metropolitan University, which is renowned as one of the best universities for combining sport and a high level of education. He will also play for the university’s rugby team, competing in several leagues such as British Universities and Colleges Sport (first team) and Premiership (second team) which will open up the door to professional rugby as scouts will attend these games.

Kian Evans

Top marks in college have opened the door to a career in mechanical engineering for Rhondda learner Morgan, landing him an apprenticeship with a leading manufacturer.

21-year-old Morgan Lewis, from Ton Pentre, has secured a three-year apprenticeship with FSG Tool and Die Ltd – one of the largest privately owned design and build toolmaking companies in Europe – after his grades and dedication to the trade impressed bosses at the firm.

With the help of Coleg y Cymoedd’s Enhanced Engineering Programme (EEP), a one-year programme at the Rhondda campus which is designed to equip learners with the skills they need to enter the engineering industry, Morgan has achieved a distinction in his Level 3 mechanical engineering qualification.

Morgan said: “I’m over the moon to have been offered this placement with FSG. I feel so lucky to have found a job that I’m passionate about which inspired me to achieve the best possible grades I could in order to progress at FSG.”

Morgan Lewis

Brooke Pothecary, 18, from Porth, who has achieved an impressive three A* grades in English, Drama and Religious Studies, alongside an A in the Welsh Baccalaureate, securing her place to study Italian and Japanese at Cardiff University.

The A* Coleg y Cymoedd learner, who has developed a love of languages during her travels over the years, dreams of becoming an Italian language teacher in Australia, where Italian speaking staff are in demand.

Brooke said: “I’m really passionate about languages because I travel a lot and know people struggle with the English language. It’s widely expected that everyone knows it globally but that is not always the case, so I try to learn some of the local language whenever I visit somewhere.

“The course at Cardiff University offers me the option to learn more than one language at degree level, and I’m really keen to learn as many as I can, so today’s results might be the first step towards the life of travel I’ve dreamed of.”

Brooke Pothecary

A teenager from a Church Village who dreams of one day becoming a pilot is one step closer to his dream after getting top grades in his A level results.

Coleg y Cymoedd Harrison Oatridge, 18, from Church Village, has received 3 As in geography, physics and the Welsh Baccalaureate as well as a B in Maths.

Given the cost of attending flight school, Harrison is planning to take the next two years out of education while he works as his family’s own raw dog food business, ‘Wild Tails’ while he saves money.

Harrison, who has been interested in flying from a young age, having loved model planes as a child, saw his passion for piloting grow after he joined the air cadets where he was able to experience the arial excitement firsthand. He hopes to become an airline pilot after he completes flight school.

Harrison said: “My dream is to one day become a pilot but the training is expensive which is why I want to work for a couple of years before I look into it. I’m looking forward to working with the family business and developing my professional skills in the meantime.”

Harrison accredits his success to his positive experience at Coleg y Cymoedd. He added: “My teachers at Coleg y Cymoedd have supported me every step of the way. It has been such a positive experience for me, and I can’t wait to take my next steps in life and achieve my goals..”

Harrison Oatridge

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