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Dave Frantony

Dave Frantony
Picture – Edwyn Parry

Dave Frantony can be heard on GTFM every Thursday morning from 10am – 1pm with his own particular take on life in his regular Community Link slot. You can also hear his ‘Easy Blend of music and chat’ for two hours on the fourth Wednesday of every month from 10pm – Midnight.

As his listeners already know, Dave is a story teller first and foremost. He can talk about anything, but is especially good at talking very entertainingly about his own experiences.

He also has a vivid imagination, which contains things like ‘The GTFM Helicopter’ which nobody else has ever seen, or heard, but picks him up (weather permitting of course) after every show. When it’s not able to fly the ‘GTFM limo’ does the honours!

When he’s not on the radio, Dave gets up to all sorts of things, now including writing short stories.

To find out more about the enigma that is Dave Frantony follow the links below to his personal website and blog, for which GTFM is not responsible:




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