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'SHOWCASE WALES' - Gtfm's unsigned bands/new music show returned on Easter Monday 5th April as 'SHOWCASE' with Adam and Lee - and can be heard every Monday from 10pm-1am. Meanwhile former presenters Stan and Wilf also have a new programme called 'Music Therapy' on the first Thursday of every month from 8-10pm.




'Showcase' - sponsored by Gamesbasement - is dedicated to being the best unsigned music programme that South Wales has to offer through highlighting the best unsigned artists and bands in South Wales,

as well as promoting a broad range of local music and cultural events.


We want to recognise and support the quality music scene that exists here in South Wales, giving unsigned artists the chance to showcase their talents to others.

Each week is tailored to highlight the bands and artists playing in the coming week, whether that’s in and around Pontypridd, Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend, Newport, Carmarthen, or elsewhere.

We feature:

Live interviews with bands, artists and promoters, as well as live acoustic tracks;

Exclusive tracks and new music from local artists from across South Wales;

News on local events;

Special ‘artist’ features;

Introductions to bands from outside Wales that are playing within reach this week;

Your gig guide for the week ahead;

Plenty of ticket giveaways and competitions;
And of course all the best unsigned music that South Wales has to offer.


On this weeks Showcase:

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Check out our website: www.myspace.com/showcasewales for more information on what’s going on, as well as our music player featuring previous live session tracks.


Email showcasewales@gtfm.co.uk OR mail@gtfm.co.uk OR alternatively through our MySpace site. To get your music played you can send quality mp3 tracks to us, or simply send us a demo to:


c/o Adam Perkins
Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Avenue
CF37 5EA


Thanks for checking us out! Now tune in and enjoy the ride!


Team Showcase!

Last Week's Showcase - Playlist


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