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A typical Rockshow Playlist

Andy Fox is one the most experienced and respected of the GTFM team, having been involved in radio since the early eighties. He cut his broadcasting teeth under the guidance of the legendary Johnnie Walker and worked with the likes of Bob Harris, Dave Cash and even sports reporter Jonathan Pearce!

His encyclopaedic knowledge of music and ‘rock’ in particular, ideally suits the GTFM rockshow style and he has interviewed all the ‘rock greats including Ozzy, Lemmy, Robert Plant, Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, Status Quo, Alice Cooper and even newer bands like The Darkness, The Answer and Roadstar.

Andy has worked on several different radio stations in the South West and Wales area and also throughout the nineties was Ents.manager at the Bristol Bierkeller booking acts like Marillion, Extreme, Magnum, Thunder, Soundgarden, Manic Street Preachers, Faith No More and the only local gigs for both Nirvana and the Stone Roses. He brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the Album Chart Show (Saturdays 12-2pm) and the GTFM Rockshow (Thursday 9-11pm) playing ‘Classic to Modern Rock, Prog to Metal and all things in between’.

The rockshow regularly features guest interviews, featured album, rock history, rock news from the web and the weekly competition for current CD’s, DVD’s, tickets etc. Free download of 'Step Up To The Plate' by Union
To download interviews broadcast on the GTFM Rockshow, go to http://rockofages.wordpress.com/

See also - www.myspace.com/gtfmrockshow

Email Andy via rockshow@gtfm.co.uk


stone gods  
Stone Gods   Ricky Warwick
Phil Lynott   Saxon
Glenn Hughes   Lemmy
Andy Fox with Legendary Welsh Band "Man"   Jason Bonham
Ian Paice   The Answer

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