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Jamie Jay has been involved in the dance music industry for a decade and at the tender age of 28 has a wealth of experience in producing and hosting his own radio shows.

He joined the GTFM team in 2003 and not long after the Quantize Sessions radio show was born and has become a regular fixture in the Friday night GTFM schedules (11pm to 1am) along with the new Quantize Saturday show at midnight.

Attracting top DJ guests and record labels from across the world the show is going from strength to strength. Don't forget to tune in each and every Friday night to listen to the next instalment of our "Journey Through Future House".

Contact - jamie@quantize.co.uk
Websites - www.quantize.co.uk / www.jamiejay.co.uk / www.myspace.com/jamiejayquantize

Latest tracklistings - www.quantize.co.uk/sessionspage/sessions1.htm

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