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The GTFM Virtual Santa Greeting

FAQs, Terms & Conditions

You will find the order form via Please ensure that the information you provide in the order form is correct prior to submission, as this is the information that will be given to Santa, to enable us at GTFM; with a little help from Santa’s elves to use the information you provided to build your personalised greeting from Santa.

To place your order you must fill out the GTFM Virtual Santa Greeting Order Form in full. Click Submit and you will receive a confirmation message, thanking you for completing the form. Upon receiving this message, your order form is completed. A prompted sentence will instruct you to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Pay Your £5 Now” button.

You will be redirected to our donation page to make your £5 payment via!/

Select the option “One-off” payment from the drop-down menu & enter the value of £5 on the “Now choose how much?” option.

*We politely ask you to NOT select Gift Aid for this purchase*

Complete the following pages to submit your personal information and your payment details.

On completion of the order form and your £5 one-off payment your order will be completed.

How do I know my order form has been completed and payment has been taken?

First Step

On completion of the order form, you will receive a confirmation email from Google Forms thanking you for filling out the form, along with a copy of the form you filled out, with the details/answers you provided. This is an opportunity to check the details you submitted are indeed correct. This confirmation email confirms you have completed your order form. At this point, it does not confirm payment has been taken.

Second Step

On completion of making your £5 one-off payment via our donation page, you will receive a confirmation email from our donation page. GTFM (South Wales) Ltd – Donation receipt. You will find confirmation of the amount you have paid/donated, which should be £5 (five pounds), with no amount of Gift Aid, your payment type “One-off” payment, charity name GTFM (South Wales) Ltd, and a reference number.

The “One-off” payment for your GTFM Virtual Santa Video Greeting will appear as “” on your bank statement.

If you would like any more information or if you have any queries email –

On completing your GTFM Virtual Santa Greeting Order Form, you will be prompted to scroll to the bottom of the webpage to make your payment of £5 via the donation page.

The video Santa greeting will be sent to you via the email address provided on The GTFM Virtual Santa Greeting online booking form, at

Unfortunately, we only have the facility to be able to email your GTFM Virtual Santa Video Greeting to you at this present time (Christmas 2020). Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the local restrictions in place and to ensure the maintenance of social distancing and the public’s safety we are unable to provide copies via DVD, in person, via post or in any other delivery at this present time

Your video Santa greeting will be sent to you via email before Monday the 14th December 2020. Please give the GTFM Virtual Santa Video Greeting team and Santa’s elves the time, up until Friday the 14th December 2020 to complete and send you your personalised Santa video greeting.

The GTFM team, along with Santa and his elves will ensure you receive your personalised Santa video greeting on time and within the time frame provided. If for any reason, you don’t receive your Santa video greeting before Monday the 14th December 2020 please contact the GTFM team via telephone 01443 404404 or via email at where we can troubleshoot the issue for you.

If you are having trouble finding the email, please use the following steps to help you.

  • Please check the email address that you entered on the booking form to ensure it is correct, as this is the email address the Santa video greeting will be sent to.
  • The subject of the email when it is sent to you is as follows “My GTFM Virtual Santa Greeting”. Try searching for this when looking for the email.
  • If you haven’t received any email or correspondence from GTFM before, please check your spam or junk folders also.

For further information and to answer any more questions you may have, please contact the GTFM team who will be happy to help with the contact details above.

Any information that you provide via the online GTFM Virtual Santa Greeting Order Form is confidential. We also ask you to follow the instructions under each question asked on the order form, to ensure the information we receive from you is limited and precise. For example, we only ask you for the first name of the recipient, not the full name. We also ask you for the place, area, or country where the recipient lives and not the full address. This information is used to make your greeting more personalised and relevant for the recipient. Please follow the details and prompts that are provided. All information provided by you is completely confidential and is only used to personalise your greetings. On completion of your video by Santa and his elves and the GTFM team, your information will not be stored by us or shared with anyone.

Full details of our full privacy policy can be found here: Privacy Policy

“Of course Santa already knows all the details needed, as it’s magic! But Santa; being Santa, likes to make sure the information he already has is all correct!”

If you wish to order a GTFM Virtual Santa Video Greeting it is for one and one recipient only.

*For example*

“If you have two children and want to order a GTFM Virtual Santa Video Greeting, each child would have to have one greeting each”.

In this exampled scenario you would need to fill out two order forms separately, one for each child, and make two separate payments also.

(Two separate order forms, personalised for each child)

(Two separate payments of £5 for each child, totaling to £10 in total).

We ask you to make separate order forms and separate payments to help us with the personalisation of the greetings and to help us track your order correctly.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

You can expect a high-quality video of a personalised message to your requested recipient from Santa himself, with festive graphics and a wonderful Christmas atmosphere. The personalised video message from Santa is approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds (one minute and thirty seconds) long, which includes all the personalised information you have completed in the order form.

When you start playing the video, it starts with a visual and “virtual incoming call from Santa” to help build excitement, followed by your festive personalised Santa video greeting. The video finishes with a visual image wishing you a Merry Christmas from Santa, the elves, and The GTFM Virtual Santa Greeting’s Team!

This personalised Santa video greeting will make your loved one smile from ear to ear this Christmas and will be a lasting memory for them to reflect upon for years to come.

You can receive a full refund up until the final Santa video greeting is sent to you. Once the video is sent to you via email then a refund isn’t available.

Well, this year we have teamed up with the most festive and famous person in the world who is happy to support GTFM on this venture and for Christmas 2020. Santa!

GTFM (South Wales) Ltd is a registered charity (Reg Number 111030), which is mostly run by volunteers. We aim to raise funds and donations by doing different events throughout the year from roadshows, to supporting other local charities and providing a voice for local events.